What kind of patches do I use?


The type of patch we recommend for the best results are adhesive skin patches. A patch should fit firmly and comfortably on the skin around the eye underneath the glasses and should not allow the child to be able to peek around the edges. IMPORTANT!

Most adhesive patches are available in Junior, Medium, and Regular sizes. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND using the regular size patches for all children over 2 years of age.

There are two commercial brands available at most drug stores or in the pharmacies of large department stores. Not every store carries each brand, so you may want to call ahead or talk to the pharmacist.

One excellent brand of adhesives are available for purchase in our office at manufacturer’s the cost. We do not mark them up. We simply carry them because we’ve found that it’s more convenient for parents to begin treatment immediately.


Orthopad (Eye Care and Cure Corp.)

  • hypoallergenic, latex-free
  • soft, fabric-like material
  • available in a variety of colors & patterns
  • specific patterns for boys or girls
  • 866-ORTOPAD (678-6723),


Coverlet (Beiersdorf)

  • stretchy, lightweight; contains natural rubber latex
  • flesh-tone color


Opticlude (Nexcare 3M)

  • paper-like material; hypoallergenic, latex-free
  • flesh-tone color
  • Additional brands of adhesive eye patches are available only by ordering directly from the companies.


MYI Eye Patch

  • hypoallergenic, latex-free
  • soft, fabric-like material, ultra-thin
  • available in variety of colors & patterns; color own
  • 800-544-4760,

Krafty Patches


Other Adhesive Alternatives

  • knee bandages
  • gauze pads with tape
  • homemade patches (instructions listed below)



Fabric Patches for Glasses

Although the adhesive types of patches are recommended, some patients who experience skin irritation or compliance problems may benefit from the use of a different type of patch. Fabric patches that cover the lens of the glasses can be useful as long as the child is not able to peek around the patch. Be careful – kids can be very sneaky and creative! Many of these patches come in fun, assorted colors and designs.

Patch Pals




The Perfect Patch


Pumpkin Patch Eyeworks

Luxeye Patch


Anissa’s Fun Patches


Eye Mateys




Homemade Patch Instructions

Patches to be worn without glasses:

  1. Cut an oval from a swatch of well-washed denim or other dark fabric that does not transmit light.
  2. Lay the fabric on a flat surface and place 3 1-inch wide strips of hypoallergenic or paper tape around the edges of the fabric leaving a triangle of fabric exposed.
  3. Trim the excess tape around the oval leaving enough to adhere to the skin.
  4. Make a few radial cuts in the tape on one side of the patch to conform to the nose.


Patches to be worn without glasses:

  1. Cut a rectangle approx. 3” x 1.5” out of brown or darkly colored construction paper.
  2. Round both corners on one of the shorter ends.
  3. Cut a slit into the middle of the opposite end approx. ¾” in.
  4. Grab one corner of the cut side with one hand (one tail) and one corner (2nd tail) with the other. Slide the two tails over each other until it makes a 90 degree angle with the rest of the paper. Staple or tape the tails together.
  5. Put a piece of double-sided tape on the inside in the middle of the patch.
  6. Place glasses on child, center the patch with the cup around the temple of the frame and stick on the patch.
  7. Trim paper as necessary, ensuring the child is unable to peek.


Pirate Patches

The type of patches that are held around the head by elastic are not usually recommended because of the ease with which kids can peek. However, some parents have had success with these and they may be a ‘last-resort’ option for those children who do not wear glasses.

Designer Eye Patches, Inc.


Pastel/Colored Patches


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