Mary DeYoung-Smith, CO, COMT

Mary DeYoung, Smith, CO, COMT is a board-certified orthoptist. The orthoptists at Children’s Eye Care’s work with the doctors to diagnose and treat disorders of ocular motility and binocular vision including, but not limited to, amblyopia, strabismus, diplopia and nystagmus. 

Mary is the program director for Children’s Eye Care Orthoptic Training Program and a member of the Department of Ophthalmology at Children’s Eye Care. She’s an accomplished and dedicated educator helping to train and mentor future ophthalmologists, pediatric ophthalmologists and orthoptists. Mary is a member of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus and American Associated of Certified Orthoptists. She’s also a representative of the American Orthoptic Council. Mary was honored to be named as 2021 recipient of the Lancaster Award recognizing her outstanding lifetime contributions to the field of orthoptics – the highest honor an orthoptist can receive.

Mary has dedicated her career advocating that all children in Michigan, no matter their socioeconomic background or developmental capabilities, receive superior eyecare and educational opportunities. She works closely with the teachers of the visually impaired and has been very active in Michigan’s Parent Teacher Associations. She is a Trustee of the Greater Detroit Agency for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Orthoptics is an ancillary field within ophthalmology pertaining to the evaluation of disorders of the visual system, with an emphasis on binocular (two-eyed) vision. Orthoptists are board-certified by the American Orthoptic Council after the successful completion of a two-year clinical orthoptic program and a previous baccalaureate degree.

The successful evaluation of children requires patience in a playful, gentle atmosphere. Orthoptists are specialists in evaluating vision of children of all ages and abilities, as well as adults with eye misalignment and double vision and are uniquely skilled in specialized diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Bachelor’s Degree
Wayne State University, Detroit, MIWayne State University

Orthoptic Fellowship
Wayne State University, Kresge Eye Institute, Detroit, MI

Kresge Eye Institute

Post-Graduate Training
Certified Ophthalmic Technologist, JCAHPOJCAHPO

Certified Orthoptist
American Orthoptic CouncilAACO