New Patient Forms
If your child is new to us or hasn’t seen us within three years, please complete the registration form. You can submit it digitally or by printing and bringing to your appointment.

Approval to See Minor Patients without a Parent/Guardian Present
If your child will be attending an appointment without a parent and/or legal guardian, we require formal permission to see the child. We also require contact information to reach the parents and/or legal guardian during the exam.

Request to Release Medical Records
Complete this form if you would like us to obtain the patient’s records from another doctor or you would like us to send our records to another doctor.

Information about Care of Aphakic Contact Lenses (PDF)
Parents, and even some doctors, are amazed that young children can tolerate contact lens wear. With diligence, it is not only possible, but also quite beneficial for a child that’s had cataract surgery. Our goal is to both provide excellent care as well as empower parents who will be involved with caring for the lenses. We will work with you to rehabilitate your child’s vision to the highest level possible and guide you in your role along the way. Download the PDF above to help you, and your child, to learn appropriate care and handling of contact lenses.