Staying Healthy, Helpful and Calm – Children’s Eye Care’s Health Policies

Please be Kind and Patient.

Words matter. Behaviors matter. Our patients and our team matter. Even when stressed, kindness matters.

Masks are Optional.

While masks are optional for patients, guests, doctors and staff; please respect those that choose to wear one.

  • All clinical staff and doctors will wear masks when examining premature babies.
  • And, if any family/patient is masked when we enter the exam room, the clinical staff and doctors will put a mask on around you.
  • All clinical staff and doctors will wear masks (and gloves in some situations) when working up/examining patients with viruses that must be seen because of ocular disease involvement.

Stay Home if You’re Sick.

Please cancel appointments if you’ve had a fever or virus symptoms within the past 24 hours.

As we were before COVID, we are what’s considered a “Healthy Clinic.” Unlike pediatricians and certain facilities, we don’t have “sick waiting rooms” for those with virus symptoms.
Therefore, anyone with an active/suspected virus (ie Chicken Pox, HSV, Measles, Flu, Hand/Foot/Mouth, COVID, Zoster, etc) should not see us until they’re fever free and asymptomatic. 
However, sometimes patients do need to see us during their contagious period because they have ocular disease involvement. 
  • In those cases, the family should call when they arrive but not come in until we have a room available to take them directly to.
  • Unless the child is under the age of two and/or significantly developmentally delayed, we’ll expect them and anyone accompanying them to be fully masked.
  • Clinical staff and doctors will mask around all of these patients and may even wear gloves.
  • The patients/parents will be asked to not stop in public areas so not to put other visitors at risk.