Hiring Orthoptist – Metro Detroit

Why join Children’s Eye Care’s Orthoptic Team?

Children’s Eye Care is one of the largest pediatric ophthalmology practices which offers the combination of private practice, teaching and academics. We are looking for a dynamic orthoptist to join our team.

Children’s Eye Care was founded in the early 1970s and continues to grow. The professional staff consists of 8 pediatric ophthalmologists and 7-9 orthoptists over four locations. Three locations are private clinics located throughout metropolitan Detroit. The academic clinic is located in Detroit at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Children’s Eye Care’s academic clinic is privately owned and consists of training (26) residents from all four residency programs in Detroit and (50) students from two medical schools. We also have an AUPO certified pediatric ophthalmology fellowship as well as an AOC approved orthoptic program. Our practice is also involved in research projects and very involved in our national and regional communities.

The diversity of our practice, which includes both an urban hospital and suburban private practice locations, allows us the opportunity to practice the full scope of pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus issues.

As a privately owned group pediatric ophthalmology practice, we have the privilege of working with a close group of peers that all have the same goals in medical care and business development as well as teaching and community involvement.

What does Detroit offer?

Enjoy the dynamic Detroit community – a city that’s seeing an unprecedented revitalization and has a lot to offer. From start-ups in TechTown and grassroots community outreach to an urban agriculture movement and an incredibly sup­portive artist community, it’s an exhilarating time to experience Detroit. It’s not too big and not too small – and the greater metropolitan Detroit area has something for everyone.

In Detroit, fun – however you define it – is just a short drive away.

  • Tony suburban and urban enclaves with excellent school districts, shops, restaurants and theaters.
  • Bustling city life with live music, events, world-class museums, professional sports teams and great grub.
  • Pristine lands, rivers and lakes – for hiking, skiing, kayaking and other outside recreation.

What does Children’s Eye Care offer?

  • Work-life balance! No evenings. No weekends. No holidays.
  • Competitive compensation.
  • Health, dental and vision insurance on the 1st of the month after starting.
  • 401(k) match and profit-sharing
  • Generous levels of time off
  • Memberships to AACO to AAPOS.
  • Generous continuing education allowance for attendance to attend AACO, AAO and AAPOS meetings.
  • Working in an environment that’s only focus is pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus allows us to not have to “compromise” with other ophthalmology services on the work we do and how we train our team. This allows us to work with a robust technician team trained specifically to perform an exam on even the most complicated pediatric patients.
  • If you enjoy training, you could be involved in training the next generation of orthoptists and ophthalmologists.
  • And, getting to work with multiple orthoptists and attendings.

Mary DeYoung-Smith, CO, COMT                          Rajesh C. Rao, MD

Judy (Petrunak) Higgins, CO, COT                         John D. Roarty, MD

Martha Wright, CO, COT                                          Lisa Bohra, MD

Stephen Burwell, CO, COT                                       Leemor Rotberg, MD

Lauren Marozas, CO, COA                                       Elena M. Gianfermi, MD

Elizabeth Gayeski, CO                                              Alexandra O. Apkarian, MD

Katrina Callus-Ryan, CO, COT                                Shaza Al-Holou, MD

Kendra Ferguson, CO                                               Amanda I. Ismail, MD

Nina Apple, CO, COT                                                John D. Baker, MD, Emeritus

What does it take to be an orthoptist at CEC?


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Graduate of a nationally recognized Orthoptic fellowship


  • Certified or eligible for certification by the American Orthoptic Council


  • Prolonged standing, walking, some bending, stooping and stretching. 
  • Requires excellent communication skills and a keen understanding of patients with sensory impairment. 
  • Must be able to express a caring attitude while performing the tasks required with accuracy and efficiency. 
  • Requires normal range of hearing and eye sight to perform necessary testing and reporting of findings.
  • The ability to work in a very fast pace environment.

Want to join CEC’s #PedsIsMoreFun professional team? Send your CV to careers@cecmich.com.